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Yinchuan Yikelong New Insulation Material Co., Ltd.
Author: Golden Shield Fire: original
Release time: 2009-05-26 22:27:41 Publisher: admin

Yinchuan Yikelong New Type Insulation Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wall insulation material

The main production of exterior wall insulation mortar exterior wall, interior wall putty powder tile adhesive, etc.!

In order to expand the business, the company is sincerely recruiting partners from all over the country. Welcome to join us!

Provide technology transfer for thermal insulation mortar (including external wall thermal insulation mortar such as interface mortar, bonding mortar, plastering mortar and crack-resistant mortar). And give away "interior wall putty powder" "tile adhesive" and other formulas!

Polymer dry powder mortar is a new product suitable for various projects and developed by introducing German technology. It is a gray powdery material made of imported colloidal powder inorganic gelation, additives, quartz sand, high-quality cement and other additives. This product has high bonding strength, sufficient changeability after curing to adapt to the expansion and contraction of the wall, and excellent water resistance and freeze-thaw resistance, which ensures the long-term effectiveness of the system. It is suitable for bonding polystyrene insulation board (EPS), polystyrene extruded board (XPS), ceramsite board and other insulation board materials to various substrate wall surfaces in external insulation systems and external insulation systems. (Clay bricks, porous bricks, various blocks, etc.).

Phone: 0951-6022778

Contact: Mr. Li

Mobile: 13709519399 13709584188

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