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Fire Bag (Fire Resistant Bag)
Author: Ningxia Golden Shield Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Source: Site finishing
Release time: 2009-05-26 22:21:17 Publisher: admin
Fire bag
product name:
Fire Bag (Fire Resistant Bag)
Product number:
product description:
FHB fireproof package is a new type of fireproof supporting fireproof developed by our company in accordance with national standard GA161-1997.

Materials, the product can be made into various shapes of firewalls, fireproof layers according to different requirements of users, and can also be blocked

Holes requiring fire protection. In case of fire, the material of the fireproof package expands by heating and forms a honeycomb monolith, which is effective

Ground to control the fire within the local scope.
Use fireproof bag as partition wall, instead of refractory brick, slag cotton, ceramic cotton and other materials in the past, compared with them

, Fire bag has significant heat insulation effect.
FHB fireproof package is suitable for power, telecommunications, postal, chemical, industrial and mining, enterprises, buildings, cables,

The plugging of hollows formed by penetrations such as oil pipes, air pipes, gas pipes, and metal pipes through the partition walls. can

Prevents flame from spreading, especially for important parts where cables are frequently changed.
Construction method:
Cable shaft, using fire-proof net, fire-proof plate or iron plate as support pad, and lay fire-proof bag on the pad to form a barrier

, The cable tunnel and cable trench according to the domestic cable tunnel and cable shaft related regulations, the need to set up insulation

At the wall, the fire barrier can be turned into a firewall. If necessary, angle brackets can be used to make brackets to facilitate plugging.
Packing and shipping:
1. The FHB type fireproof bag uses a plastic bag with a fireproof cloth bag, and then it is packed in a leather bag and stored in a cool and dry place.
2. When transporting, it should be transported as ordinary solid solids to prevent rain and sun exposure.
Main technical performance:

Inspection Report
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