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Safety management and construction technology of fireproof materials
Author: Golden Shield Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Ningxia: original
Release time: 2013-01-25 11:59:47 Posted by: admin
Let ’s talk about the construction process of fireproof coatings today. As we all know, the construction of fireproof materials plays an important role because it is the guarantee in our future lives. In order to make the construction safer, let ’s take a look at the construction of fireproof materials Process and safety and environmental management.

First, the fire protection coating construction process

1. Before the steel structure is painted with fire-resistant coating, the surface of the steel frame should be derusted for anticorrosive treatment. Epoxy zinc-rich anticorrosive primer is recommended. Epoxy anticorrosive primer is also acceptable. The anticorrosive primer must be dried before the application of the fireproof coating.

2. WGNCB-02 fireproof coating should be fully stirred before construction, and can be used after construction.

3. The thickness of the first pass of the construction is preferably 0.10-0.15mm. After the surface is dry, the second construction is appropriate. The thickness of the coating is preferably 0.15-0.20mm. After each pass, the thickness of the coating should be controlled at about 0.20mm. Not more than 0.30mm, until it reaches the specified thickness. The time between each application shall be based on the coating not being attached to the hand (generally about 18-24 hours). The temperature of the construction environment is 0-40 กใ C, and the temperature of the substrate is 5-45 กใ C. The relative humidity of the air is not more than 90%. Maintain air circulation at the construction site, the wind speed is not greater than 5m / s, and it is not suitable for construction when outdoor work or the surface of the construction component is dew condensation.

4. The construction is mainly brush painting, and spraying can also be used, but the material will be wasted by 15-30%.

Second, fire safety coating construction safety and environmental protection management

1. It is required to determine the amount of paint to be prepared according to the construction ability, which can be used as needed. The prepared coating should be used up within 120 minutes and cannot be used again after solidification.

2. Require the mixed slurry to mature for 15-25 minutes before construction to ensure that the slurry reaches the optimal construction viscosity.

3. If painting outdoors, after the coating is basically dry, the surface of the fire-resistant paint must be painted with acid- and alkali-resistant modified acrylic paint to protect it.

4. It is recommended to use spray construction method for the first pass construction, the coating thickness is not greater than 5 mm, and the second pass can be sprayed or smeared. The thickness of the coating should not exceed 10 mm per pass, and the interval between each pass is 24 hours. Until reaching the design thickness of not less than 13.3 mm.

5. It is required that the ambient temperature of the construction site is 5-38 ℃, and the relative humidity is not more than 85%. Physical and chemical performance inspection and curing period is 28 days, and fire resistance inspection and curing period is 40 days.

6. Un-dried coatings must not be bumped, washed away or rained.

The above is a brief introduction. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding. No matter what kind of construction is being carried out, remember to put safety first. This article is purely my personal opinion, and I hope that the shortcomings can be pointed out by experts in a timely manner.

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