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Show you the decorative fire retardant coating
Author: Golden Shield Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Ningxia: original
Release time: 2013-01-25 11:56:54 Publisher: admin

Fire-resistant coatings are common in home decoration and construction industries, and there are more and more types. It can be one of the necessary coatings for fire prevention in life. Today our main task is to get to know the facing fire retardant coatings, and to understand and master other knowledge.
1. Fire-resistant coatings are flame retardant and non-combustible to fire when a fire occurs, which can reduce the incidence of fire. Because there are many types of fire-resistant coatings at present, there are many fire-resistant coatings companies with very small scales, low grades, no guarantee of quality, and no sound quality standards in the management system, so there are many poor-quality fire-resistant coatings in the market on. Fire-resistant coatings are inherently flame-retardant, with emulsion-based flame-retardant coatings and coatings containing flame retardants. Most of the non-combustible coatings are inorganic coatings. The characteristic is that in the event of a fire, it is a complete non-combustible coating that is made of inorganic pigments.
2. Compared with the current fire protection market, the application of decorative fire protection coatings in buildings is far from sufficient. It has not much transparency, even in foreign countries, it has very little ownership, and it has stability in itself. However, the stability is not particularly high, its production industry is very simple, the requirements on the equipment are not particularly high, there are many mature formulas, and it is widely used.
3. The fire retardant coatings currently used are all flame retardants such as antimony trioxide, borate, modified barium metaborate, silica and other flame retardants. Intumescent fire-resistant coatings are generally used in places where wooden decoration materials are not fire-treated. There is also a thin layer of paint on the surface. Intumescent fire-resistant coatings can be used. Different from cable fireproof and steel structure coating.
The use of fire-resistant coatings is related to safety issues. The knowledge of fire-resistant coatings and the places where it is used are introduced above. It can be known that we need to choose a more suitable coating for different environmental conditions.

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