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Application of fireproof coating in power industry
Author: Golden Shield Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Ningxia: original
Release time: 2013-01-25 11:50:44 Publisher: admin

At present, solvent-based fire-resistant coatings are better. However, because of the flammable solvents of these coatings, the fire hazards during the construction of fire-resistant coatings are also quite large. In addition, the solvents have different degrees of harm to the human body, so especially in cable shafts, Cable trenches, cable tunnels and other places with narrow spaces or difficult to ventilate should be strengthened for safety protection. From the perspective of environmental protection, in the future, efforts should be made to develop water-soluble fire-resistant coatings that have good adhesion to the cable sheath, good flexibility of fire-resistant coatings, resistance to bending, non-toxic, and good flame retardancy.

The main research directions are as follows.

①The development of film-forming materials, the corresponding water-based resins have been developed, and the fire-resistant properties and various physical and chemical properties of fire-resistant coatings have been improved through the combination modification of resins.

②Research on flame retardants, develop multi-effect, high-efficiency, low water-soluble dewatering carbon-forming agents and foaming agents; study the reasonable combination of multiple flame retardants to improve the flame retardant effect; Combined with fire-resistant coatings, the formula contains both intumescent components and more refractory filler components, so that the coating forms a high-strength carbonized layer with a low expansion rate under the action of high-temperature flames; studies will be made on organic flame retardants and inorganic resistance Combustion agents are compounded into organic-inorganic composite flame retardants under certain process conditions, fully utilizing the advantages of organic and inorganic materials, and eliminating their shortcomings.

There are many fire-resistant coatings used in the power industry, so how to use them? Water-based intumescent cable fire-resistant coatings have the following characteristics:

① Overcome the shortcomings of high price, high toxicity, unsafe transportation, storage and use of oily fireproof coatings, which is beneficial to environmental protection and production, and to the health and safety of construction workers;

② The production process of water-based paint is simple, the material source is wide, and the cost is lower than that of organic fire-resistant paint;

③ Water-based paint does not contain halogen and other toxic components, which eliminates the toxicity caused by halogen in the paint in the fire, so that firefighters are protected from toxicity when entering the fire scene;

④ The decorative nature of water-based paint is good, it can be formulated into a variety of colors, has the characteristics of decorative paint, and has better practicality than solvent-based fire-resistant paint. The fire resistance of water-soluble fire-resistant coatings and solvent-based fire-resistant coatings are not much different, and both can meet the requirements of fire resistance performance. What needs to be solved is to improve their physical and chemical properties, especially bending resistance. Yuan Jinsheng studied the composition and performance of water-based cable fire-resistant coatings, and chose acrylic emulsion as the base material; selected ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, organic phosphate ester, and ammonium polyphosphate as dehydration catalysts; selected starch, pentaerythritol, and high-carbon polyhydroxy groups The compound is a carbon-forming agent; ammonium polyphosphate, fire-resistant coating ammonium borate, and melamine are selected as foaming agents; in order to increase the coating film!

With the rapid development of science and technology and the rapid development of the industry's rookies, let us work together to make a more profitable contribution to the firefighting cause of the motherland and the safety of people's property and life.

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