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Warm Tips on Winter Construction of Fireproof Coatings
Author: Ningxia Golden Shield Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Source: Site finishing
Release time: 2017-11-07 10:42:45 Publisher: admin

We know that when the average daily outdoor temperature for 5 consecutive days is below 5 degrees Celsius, it has entered the winter construction, and the winter temperature has dropped, and the temperature in many areas is below 0 degrees Celsius (that is, negative temperature). The moisture contained in it is frozen, and the building materials are easy to crack, which brings many difficulties to the construction of fire-resistant coatings, and it is easy to cause quality problems. When the average temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius or the minimum daily temperature is below minus 3 degrees Celsius for 5 consecutive days, winter construction measures must be taken to ensure the quality of the project.
Fire protection coating standards have clearly specified the construction environment: GB14907-2002 "Steel Structure Fire Protection Coatings" 6.2 requires that maintenance should be carried out at an ambient temperature of 5-35 กใ C and a relative humidity of 50% -80%.
In order to achieve the construction period promised to the owner, to successfully complete Party A's schedule tasks, and to spend a long winter smoothly and safely, winter construction is required. The following suggestions:
1. The surface treatment of steel structure and the impact of climate change are particularly important during winter construction, because the thermal conductivity of steel structure is high, which is almost consistent with the ambient temperature and humidity. Condensation and frost may occur when the temperature is lowered. At this time, construction should be avoided as soon as possible. When conditions permit, consider the construction of the roof of the building to cover it and avoid outdoor work as much as possible.
2. For winter construction, we must take corresponding measures such as heat preservation, heating, antifreeze, windproof, antifog, and antidew for all links in the entire construction process, and try to create the maintenance environment required for fireproof coatings.
3. Appropriately increase the interval between each time the fireproof coating is applied, and do a good job of preliminary cleaning to avoid dew, frost, and dust construction of components;
4. Always pay attention to the weather forecast and make relevant work plans according to local environmental changes;
5. If you want to know the detailed winter construction plan of fire retardant coating, please contact our company's relevant business department to obtain it by phone. The contact information is: 0951-6119000 6119888, or you can visit the company website 333789pj.cn to download the special area and download the relevant technical standards. .
Thank you again for your trust and support for Ningxia Jindun Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. for many years. In the cold winter, we will bring you a ray of sunshine and warmth with warm and professional service.

Ningxia Jindun Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Engineering Department

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