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2017 Golden Shield people take you to understand the Chongyang Festival
Author: Ningxia Golden Shield Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. - Administration Department: original
Release time: 2017-10-30 08:50:42 Publisher: admin

    "Every holiday season I think of pros". The Chongyang Festival is an important traditional festival in China. It is the 9th day of the 9th day of the lunar calendar in each year. It is also called the 9th festival, the autumn festival, and the autumn festival.
Everyone knows that there are 6 customs in Chung Yeung Festival. One admiring chrysanthemum, two climbing high, three dogwoods, four paper cranes, five eating chongyang cakes and six drinking chrysanthemum wine.

Among them, climbing up is one of the most important festival activities of the Chung Yeung Festival. Ascending the mountain while admiring the red-leaf wildflowers on the mountain, drinking and eating meat is also a great pleasure in life. Therefore, the combination of ascendant and banquet is more attractive. Sui Shi Sun's Qianqian Fang กค Yue Ling said: "On the day of Chongyang, you must look at wine to climb high and look at the distance, and to enjoy the feast, to enjoy the autumn." Describes the elegance of people on Chongyang Festival. Since the Chung Yeung Festival is an autumn festival, the plants and trees begin to wither after the festival, so the Chongyang Wilderness activity is also "Ci Qing", which corresponds to the saying that the March Spring Tour "Ta Qing".

"I know the brothers ascended high, and there was one less dogwood." Since the ancient times of Chongyang Festival, the practice of wearing dogwood has been called the Dogwood Festival. Dogwood is an important symbol of Chongyang Festival. People like to wear chrysanthemums at the same time. Because dogwood has the effect of curing cold and detoxification, chrysanthemum has the effect of enhancing immunity and detoxification.

I believe everyone knows the customs of Chongyang Festival, but do you know the taboos of Chongyang Festival?

In "Book of Changes", Nine is Laoyang, and on the 9th day of September, two and nine are equal. Therefore, it is called Chongyang, also called Nine. "Zhou Yi" pays attention to the balance of yin and yang, and neutrality is the most important thing. Just like the "no" hexagram, the encounter of two old yangs is a sign of incompatibility. As the saying goes, "The solitary yang is not born, the solitary yin is not long, everything is unsuccessful, and the passage is not smooth." Therefore, the Chongyang Festival is not just a lucky day, but a fierce day. So in order to crack this fierce day, there are many taboos on Chongyang Festival. For example, when people meet, they cannot say "Happy Holidays". The Hakkas also forbidden Frostfall and Chongyang, saying that "Frostfall meets Chongyang and ten families burned nine fires." Therefore, they cannot cook on the Chongyang Festival.

China is a big country in food, so what do you usually eat on this important festival of Chongyang Festival?

"Cake" is the same as "Gao", and it has the meaning of step by step, which is more auspicious, so it pays attention to eating flower cake. In the first two days of the Chung Yeung Festival, people steamed the cakes with flour. The cakes were colored with small flags and dotted with fruits such as pomegranate, chestnut yellow, ginkgo, and pine nuts. These were from Lin'an (now Hangzhou) in the Southern Song Dynasty. atmosphere. In the north of China, the bake cake (bread) is the most famous. After fermenting the flour, buckle it into a small bowl, and put various flowers and fruits on the bottom of the bowl, such as red dates, nuts, red silk, green silk, candied fruit, etc. After the basket is steamed, pour out the noodle cakes, just the various flowers and fruits. They are all on the top and are steamed buns, sweet and glutinous, very delicious.

The Chung Yeung Festival coincides with the golden autumn in September, the autumn chrysanthemum fragrance, the yellow crab paste is delicious, and the meat is delicate and elastic, which is a great season to eat crabs. Among them, the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are the most famous. The famous scholar Zhang Taiyan's wife, Tang Guoli, once said, "It's not Yangcheng Lake crab, so why live in Suzhou?" So today, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are well-known both at home and abroad, and are listed as seasonal dishes in September.

At the same time, coriander, persimmon, beef with flower tea and chrysanthemum wine are also indispensable food for the Chung Yeung Festival.

The Chung Yeung Festival is of great significance in respecting the ancestors, the elderly, and gratitude. It advocates the whole society to establish a respect for the elderly, respect the elderly, love the elderly, and help the elderly. It is widely spread in China and even in the countries of the Chinese character culture circle.

On the occasion of this traditional festival, Ningxia Jindun Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. wishes all employees and beloved customers and friends a happy, healthy and long-lasting life!

Ningxia Jindun Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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