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I am in Ningxia, where are you
Author: Ningxia Golden Shield Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. - Administration Department: original
Release time: 2017-09-01 18:03:09 Publisher: admin
September 1 , 2017 Ningxia Jindun Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. will take you to understand the special festivals in Ningxia, let you better understand the cultural characteristics, customs and customs of Ningxia; understand the lingering history of Ningxia, the development and changes of Ningxia, the Ningxia fire protection Technology Co., Ltd. You may be far away from other provinces. You have too much strangeness to "Ningxia". You have too many questions about this "Ningxia" known as "Phoenix City". Why do you enjoy a half-month long vacation a year more than other provincial capitals? Why is there a hint of coolness in the summer breeze of Ningxia? Why is the sky in Ningxia always so blue? Why is Golden Shield Fire Technology Company the only manufacturer in Ningxia? If you really want to know, please pay attention to 333789pj.cn ! !!
If the world is likened to the sea, then Ningxia is the endless stream. It may not be the only one, but she is the longest and most eternal. The only way to cross the mountains and rivers is to gather in the embrace of the sea. For the poplar, then the humans in Ningxia are the most distant, most remote and most stubborn ones in history. Because of the difficult environment and slow and limited development here, we have not stagnated, but used our lives and passion to work hard. , Strive to live up to the meaning of being alive; the sky blue here is for Ningxia people who love self-heating, love green, will not pollute the air for too much commercialization, as you can see, our summer here is full of vitality, every year Arbor Day Ningxia people will actively participate, including companies, and never fail to live up to the beauty that nature has given us! Ningxia Jindun Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has never failed to live up to its time. Since its establishment, our company has adhered to the tenet of quality first and service first. It has better served the major companies that trust us, and has never failed the trust of customers. We have never stagnated in cities with limited development. We have been working hard to undertake projects of various sizes, to spread the voice of Ningxia to all parts of the country, and to make more people understand us while we understand Ningxia! So we are the first and only. I believe that in the near future we will become the first and best in the industry, because we never give up learning, growth, progress and our dreams. The ancients said: "Those who have ambitions succeeded. I think so. We are a group of people with dreams. On this platform full of dreams, we will grow faster and realize our grander dreams, and such a company with dreams in Ningxia There are more than one family, so Ningxia people will never give up the opportunity to realize their dreams . Does Hey have any ideas for Ningxia? If you have dreams, if you want better development, Ningxia is a good choice. Here the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the customs are simple, and the enterprise platform is wider. I am in Ningxia, where are you? The people of Ningxia welcome you to visit and understand. Ningxia Jindun Fire Protection Company invites you to join us!
Let's take a look at the Nurxia's Gulban festival, which originated from the story of the ancient Islamic prophet Ibrahim. Ibrahim alone respects Allah and is extremely loyal. He often sacrifices a large number of cattle, sheep, and camels as a way of worshiping Allah. People are puzzled by his selfless devotion. And when Ibrahim was old and had no children, he was very troubled, that is, he prayed to Allah: if Allah gave him a son and a daughter, he would never regret it even if he sacrificed his beloved son. Later, his wife really gave birth to a son , Ismaili, and the birth of Ismaili brought endless joy to his old couple. Time flies, he forgets his wish. When Ismaili grew up to be a handsome boy, the test of Allah came. Allah inspired him to fulfill his promise several times in a dream.
So he first explained the truth to his beloved son Ismaili, and took him to the Meena Valley in Mecca, ready to slaughter his son to show loyalty to Allah. On the way, the demon Ibrahim appeared several times, instigating Ismaili to resist and flee. Ismaili rejected the devil's temptation, grabbed the stones angrily and hit the demon, and finally lay obediently on the ground and obeyed the Lord's order The kindness of the Father. Just as Ibrahim lifted up his sword, the angel Kipli came down at the command of Allah, and sent a black-headed lamb in sacrifice. Allah implied: "'Ibrahim! You have confirmed that dream.' I must reward those who do good. This is a clear test." To commemorate this event and thank Allah, the Prophet Muhammad inherited this tradition and listed it as one of the rituals for Hajj!
This is the legendary Gulbon Festival! If you want to know more about Ningxia, you must pay attention to our website, more exciting will continue to broadcast. I wish you all Ningxia Golden Shield Fireproof Technology Co., Ltd. Happy Holidays to all your fellow Muslims! I wish the people throughout the country good health, peace and happiness!
Say goodbye to August 2017 and usher in September 2017. This is a brand new time that should open a new chapter. Let us work together to submit a satisfactory answer for the second half of 2017 !
Hey , I'm in Ningxia, where are you!
Ningxia Jindun Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. September 1 , 2017
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