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Let Qingming praise life
Author: Ningxia Golden Shield Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Source: Site finishing
Release time: 2016-03-31 11:19:36 Publisher: admin
In the Qingming season, all things revived, the grass was green, the willow Yiyi, the peach blossom, the plum blossom, and the race to open. This was the most beautiful season of the year, and it was the season to start sowing. People stumbled all the way from the winter of winter. The vigorous vitality of spring gives people a sense of life, the flourishing scene of spring gives people a beautiful enjoyment, the spring pink willow green gives people the inspiration for creation, and the glory of the spring gives people a sense of prosperity. A daydream of gratitude. The memories of the Qingming season, there are happiness and love, there are retrospection and imagination, there are regrets and uncles ...
But regret may be beyond imagination. At this time when all things are rejuvenating and giving people a new life, in this “Clear and Bright Season, it ’s raining, and people want to sacrifice their souls”, maybe people who are far away are in a different kind of feeling, and they ca n’t accompany them. The loved ones around me miss the loved ones who can no longer meet in this life. The beginning of this year carries all hope, but also carries deep memories of dead souls, loved ones, thick thoughts and warm memories in the passing years. On this Ching Ming Festival, I hope those people who are busy all day long will see the shadows and smiles of the deceased in the eyes of the dead and relatives who are separated from the heavens and the earth, and inspire the living people to cherish the body, cherish health and cherish life, so as to enjoy themselves Enjoy life, enjoy life, enjoy all the gifts of nature, and realize the joy of living and the meaning of living.
In 2016, the Qingming Festival, which can be remembered and sacrificed, can't help but make people think. They still remember the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, the Tianjin big explosion in 2015, and the 301 bus explosion that lasted less than ten days in 2016. These are just walking. People who have a part of their lives give a grey ending to their lives by accident, but those who have been with them can only regret it for life, because such a sudden, because of such unexpected. Maybe there were too many dissatisfaction in the past year, but no matter what, people always have a deep thought in their hearts: next year will be better! Maybe the past years have not spent the full moon, but in any case, there is always a thought deep in people's hearts: it is good to live! Let Qingming praise life and turn it into a warm dawn. May this warmth shine into everyone's heart like Chunyang ...
Life is the same. When I came to this strange world nakedly, I started to leave a distinctive color to my life from the beginning. Everything is harvested along the way, both good and bad. Everyone's life has to go through this: seeing mountains is mountains, watching water is water; watching mountains is not mountains, watching water is not water; watching mountains or mountains, watching water or The flow of water; slowly with age, more and more world experience, and understand that human life is short and limited, where can I go about eternal and infinite consideration?
How can you be a good person if you are a lifetime person?
A lifetime of life, how can it be considered a successful life?
Human beings are people, so you don't need to be a deliberate person; the world is a life, so you don't need to die carefully.
Not as good as Kuoda's mentality, life is nothing but making people laugh, and occasionally laughing at others.
After the sea, it's nothing more than clear and clear, but it's as calm as a rising sun. Let Qingming pay tribute to life, give people a kind of peace, give their heart a kind of relief, and give a calm life in the future. May people be good in their hearts and leave no regrets in their hearts.
Let Qingming praise life, give people a kind of reflection, give people a kind of transparency, give a conviction ...
Ningxia Jindun Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
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