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Product List
Fire blocking material
Fire Bag (Fire Resistant Bag)
Flexible organic blocking material (fireproof mud)
Inorganic plugging
Fire barrier
Fire Block Module
Fire-resistant coating
Ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coating
Thick steel structure fireproof coating
Tunnel fireproof coating
Thin steel structure fireproof coating
Cable fire coating
Other fire products
Fireproof tape
Company News Technical Articles
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[Recommended] Warm Tips for Winter Construction of Fireproof Coatings 11-07 301
[News] Notice on Change of Taxpayer Identification Number 12-08 115
[News] Announcement on Replacement of "Contract Exclusive Seal" 11-09 212
2017 Golden Shield people take you to understand the Chongyang Festival 10-30 251
[Photo] I am in Ningxia, where are you 09-01 514
Let Qingming praise life 03-31 555
Resign 12-30 265
[News] Warmly celebrate the 65th anniversary of National Day 09-30 254
[News] Mid Autumn Festival 09-25 232
Best wishes to Muslim compatriots in the region 09-23 258
[News] Remember history, help each other, unite as one, and create brilliant 09-02 199
[News] Instructions on the Use of "China's National Compulsory Product Certification Certificate" 08-07 303
[News] Happy Muslim Eid 07-18 185
[News] Website revision announcement 07-08 161
Holiday Notice for New Year's Day 2013 12-28 951
Congratulations to our company being approved as a member of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Fire Protection Association 10-26 906
Our company participates in the symposium on the quality of fireproof coating products 10-26 932
Warmly celebrate our company's tunnel fireproof coating passed the latest certification 12-06 884
[Photo] About our company's effective recognition of product test reports 11-25 1879
Ningxia professional manufacturer of steel structure fireproof coatings 05-12 1094
I wish the company employees and old and new clients a happy lunch! 06-13 362
Happy May Day to all employees and new and old customers! 04-28 270
[Photos] The company's overseas construction sites (graphics) 03-13 458
[News] Year of the Tiger 03-12 233
[Group photo] Our company participates in the national standard GB23864-2009 "fire blocking materials" publicity meeting 03-08 730
[News] All employees of Ningxia Jindun Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. pay new year and old customers 02-14 261
Open a nationwide free service hotline 08-31 240
[Recommended] Contact Method of Ningxia Jindun Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. 06-14 418
Ningxia Jindun Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd.'s fully static HTM station is newly launched 05-26 274
[Photo] The company opened a free phone! 05-25 313
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