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Ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coating
Author: Ningxia Golden Shield Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Source: Site finishing
Release time: 2015-06-13 18:40:52 Publisher: admin

product manual:
NCB (JD-CB) indoor ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coating is a solvent-based intumescent fireproof coating. This type of coating has the advantages of thin coating, good decoration and strong adhesion. Coating on the surface of steel structure can usually play the role of anti-corrosion decoration. When the fire is exposed, the coating rapidly expands to form a uniform and dense foaming heat insulation protective layer, which effectively protects the steel structure.
Indoor ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coatings are used for fire protection of various indoor exposed steel structures in industrial plants, commerce and trade, stations, airports, posts and telecommunications, stadiums (fields), petrochemicals, television towers, metallurgy and power equipment, and civil buildings.
Serial number
Test items
Technical index
test result
State in container
After stirring, it is in a uniform and delicate state without agglomeration.
Meet the requirements
Drying time (surface drying) / h
Appearance and color
After the coating is dried, the appearance and color should not be significantly different from the sample.
Meet the requirements
Initial dry crack resistance
There should be no cracks
Meet the requirements
Bonding strength / Mpa
Water resistance / h
≥24, the coating should be free of layer formation, foaming and peeling.
24, meet the requirements
Cold and heat cycle resistance / time
≥15, the coating should be free from cracking, peeling and blistering
15, meet the requirements
Fire resistance
The thickness of the coating is 2.00mm 0.2mm; the fire resistance test time is ≥1.0h. The maximum disturbance of the beam specimen is ≤L. /20=210.0mm. (L. Calculate the span for the test piece, L. = 4200mm)
The thickness of the coating is 2.01mm (including the thickness of the anti-rust paint 0.05mm); the fire resistance test time is 2.00h. The maximum disturbance of the beam test piece is 89.3mm.
Instructions for use:
1. The steel structure fire-resistant coating must be thoroughly dust-removed, oil-removed, and rust-removed before painting and construction. Two anti-rust primers are applied, and the coating can be applied only after the primer is completely dry; Steel structures that have been primed for a long time must be thoroughly dust-free before coating.
2. The construction environment is suitable at a temperature of 5 to 35 C and a relative humidity of 80% or less. The temperature of the steel member to be coated must always be above the dew point of 3 C, and the ventilation of the construction site must be paid attention to.
3. It is recommended to apply by brush or airless spray. The thickness of each coat of brushing is controlled at 0.25 ~ 0.4mm, and the time interval of each coat is at least 6 ~ 8 hours; the recommended output pressure of airless spraying is not less than 0.25MPa, the diameter of the nozzle is 0.8 ~ 1.0mm, and the thickness of each coat is not more than 0.5 mm, the interval time is at least 6 hours in summer; at least 8 hours in winter.
4. It is not suitable for construction when it is rainy, foggy or when the ambient humidity is greater than 80%. After rain, dew, and fog, construction must be completely removed to ensure that the components are dry before painting.
1. This coating is a single component. It has been prepared before leaving the factory. It must be fully stirred before construction and then used. If the coating is too thick during construction, add a total of less than 5% of matching thinner to adjust the consistency;
2. Construction personnel must pay attention to personal protection. There should be no open fire at the construction site and the ventilation conditions are good.
3. This paint is strictly forbidden to be mixed with other paints.
Transportation and storage:
1. This coating contains volatile and flammable solvents, which can be transported according to general solvent-based paint methods;
2. Storage environment: 5 ~ 35 ℃, keep away from heat, fire and good ventilation conditions; do not store or expose to sunlight for one year.
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