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Tunnel fireproof coating
Author: Ningxia Golden Shield Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Source: Site finishing
Release time: 2015-06-13 18:41:35 Publisher: admin
Product technical description:
Type: Water-based (dry powder)
Color: off-white
Construction method: spraying, smearing
Construction environment: temperature 10-35 ℃; humidity 40% -85%
Storage: It should be protected from rain, moisture and direct sunlight
Construction points:
1. Adopt the layered and spaced construction process, and divide the base layer (fireproof layer) and surface layer (color layer) for construction. During construction and within 24 hours after construction, the ambient temperature shall not be lower than 5 ℃ to prevent frost damage. In extremely dry and hot conditions, the necessary curing conditions should be created to prevent the coating from losing water too quickly;
2. Surface treatment: Clean the dust and oil on the surface of the tunnel, clean it with water, and repair the uneven areas to ensure the surface of the tunnel. At the same time, for the particularly smooth surface of the concrete, it is required to use mortar to wipe the surface. The leaking place must be leaked and stopped;
3. This project adopts single-component dry powder paint, mix with water on site, mix the paint and water in a portable mixer according to the mixing ratio specified in the product manual, and stir for 10-20 minutes to form a uniform thick slurry;
4. The thickness of each application should be controlled within 1cm, and the interval between application is 48h.
Please refer to the "Instruction Manual" for the specific construction process
Common construction tools

Live effect

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